- Fill in the registration form.

- Attach a photocopy of your passport.

- Attach a photocopy of proof of studies to be performed and  last year's transcript.

- Pay the 350  Euros tuition fee, which is non-refundable.

- Once your room has been confirmed, it is necessary to leave a deposit of 630  Euros which will be returned at the end of your stay (date established in the registration form) and having reviewed the state of the room. This amount does not go towards the last month's payment.

- Once your room has been confirmed, if it is cancelled, you lose the deposit and tuition fee.

- Leaving  the residence before the  indicated  date on the registration form means losing the deposit.

- The monthly payment will be made in advance for the first five days of the month. The person who does not pay by the deadline will be alerted and will have five days to pay in cash and with a surcharge of 10 €. Failure to pay will mean having to leave the residence.





Single room

and buffet breakfast 

792 €


Double room with bathroom and

buffet breakfast (per person)

684 €



Single room and breakfast

per day for residents



Single room and breakfast

per day for non residents

55 €


PACKS: half board or full board  



Lunch or dinner 9,5 €

Checkbook 10 lunches or dinners 90 €

Linen and towels once a week Included
Laundry once a week -one washing and one ironing- (marked clothing) 9 €

Gym (monthly) 18 €

Photocopies 0,15 € x page.

B/W printing service submitted two days in advance 0,20 € x page

Colour printing service submitted two days in advance 0,35 € x page


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